I act for all those involved in the construction process - from clients and employers to main contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and consultants.

As a construction professional and past owner of a main contracting business I have considerable experience in employing lawyers. I therefore know the importance of establishing from the outset exactly what the client wants to achieve so that I can then best advise on the strategy necessary to achieve the client's aims.

Non-contentious law

Disputes are bad for business, and the best way to avoid disputes is to make sure that the contract or agreement entered into accurately reflects what the parties want to achieve and identifies and apportions the risks as intended. More...

Dispute resolution

Problems arise in construction works, sometimes even in the best run and organised projects. Mistakes can be made in the design of the works or in the quality of workmanship or materials used, and products can simply be defective. The completion of the project can be delayed as a result, or for any number of other reasons. Given the high costs involved, and the often enormous cost consequences of a delayed handover, effective dispute resolution is an essential service. More...

Effective dispute resolution requires very careful planning from the outset to ensure that you identify the central issues in dispute, and then formulate a realistic and commercial strategy to resolve the problem. This avoids wasted time, effort and costs.

Effective strategies can involve the immediate commencement of formal proceedings such as adjudication, arbitration or litigation through the Courts; but this is rarely the best approach. Formal proceedings are often time consuming and expensive, and their confrontational nature can entrench parties in their respective positions, often leading to increased time and costs.

In my view it is always worth exploring alternatives, such as negotiations between the parties or more formal mediation, as a means to try and resolve the dispute early, before the cost of legal advice acts as a further impediment to settlement.

If formal proceedings prove necessary, then these must be conducted so as to apply maximum pressure on the other side. This is achieved by focussing on the central issues in dispute and maintaining the initiative. That way costs are not wasted, and the proceedings often act as a means to force the other side to the table, where a negotiated solution may yet be achieved.



Fees are charged for work undertaken on an hourly basis. Mr Standish's current hourly rate is £300.00 per hour plus VAT. Any work undertaken by a Trainee or Para Legal is charged at £50.00 per hour plus VAT. By prior agreement, a Fixed Fee can be set where there is a defined scope of work.


Standish Associates takes any complaints or concerns from clients seriously. In the first instance such concerns or complaints should be addressed to Alex Standish in writing setting out the detail of the concern or complaint. A written response will be provided within 14 days from the date of receipt of the written concern or complaint. Insofar as further information is requested and provided, then a further written response will be provided within a further 14 days from receipt of the same. More...