My aim is to bring a fresh approach to the provision of construction legal services.

People become involved in construction projects because they either need a building or because they are in the business of providing for such needs. The construction lawyer must therefore assist in these aims, whether at a pre contract stage or later if disputes have arisen. My approach is based very strongly on my commercial background and my understanding of what clients want, knowledge gained both through my involvement in the business and my experience as a client of construction lawyers for many years.

Hands-on commercial construction experience

Not only do I have dual qualifications in Construction Management and Law, but I have real hands-on experience in running a construction company, dealing with the technical and management issues required to successfully complete construction projects.

This combination of technical, commercial and legal experience makes me a more efficient and more effective construction lawyer.

Technical expertise allows me to swiftly understand complex issues relating to defective works or the management of construction projects; and to review the evidence. This saves time and money.

My commercial experience means that I better understand clients' needs, and can focus on real commercial solutions: from the recovery of monies or damages due, to the resolution of complex disputes or the drafting of clear, realistic agreements and contracts.